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You have entered the HLRN Violations Database (VDB), the interactive and participatory website feature for documenting and reviewing the world’s most-common housing and land rights violations. The VDB offers a simplified method for managing data about violations arising from actual cases.

What data to record

The VDB will track violations, corresponding losses and proposed solutions in cases of (1) forced evictions, (2) demolitions/destructions, (3) dispossession/confiscation, and (4) Privatization of public goods and services. The entries track material losses in the following subcategories:


  • Social/public
  • Communal
  • Private
  • Land:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Communal

  • Public goods and services:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Other(s)
  • Woman with child resists forced eviction of her people, Manaus, Brazil. Source: Luiz Vasconcelo

    Click on the help buttons (?) on the entry form for instructions and tips on what to record in each entry. You can find all instruction combined by clicking on the “Instructions” link above.   Print out the entry for as a worksheet by clicking on the “Print entry form” link above.

    How to benefit from the VDB

    • Produce reports from socially produced rresearch;

    • Promote cases, pose solutions and propose strategies;

    • See at a glance what is happening on other all HIC regions;

    • Use a simplified and uniform methodology for documenting cases;

    • Learn from other struggles against housing and land rights violations;

    • Relate your experiences to other HIC Members and to the general public;

    • Find partners on the basis of region, type of case, experience and strategy;

    • Use this model to create your own databases for specific and local purposes;

    • Graduate to more-advanced methods found in the HLRN Toolkit on this website;

    • Search cases using time range, location and/or type of violation as search criteria;

    • Produce region-specific or violation-specific data sets by using the VDB search engine;

    • Take the “violations approach” to see the normative content of the human right to adequate housing.

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