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Land Grabbing

What is affected
Land Social/public
Type of violation Dispossession/confiscation
Date 03 November 2016
Region MENA
Country Somalia
City Jubba Valley, Somalia

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United Arab Emirates
Brief narrative

Somalia: Emirates must keep their Hands off Land


Mustafa Awale, Qaranimo online


Wagosha Movement Of Somalia Warns UAE Over Its Land Grabbing Deal In Jubba Valley Of Somalia


Wagosha Movement of Somalia – 02. November 2016 –

Brussels – The Executive leader of the Wagosha Movement of Somalia, Eng Yarow Sharif Aden has warned the UAE over its illegal involvement and land grabbing deal in the Jubba Valley of Southern Somalia.


Speaking in Brussels after submitting a case against the UAE to a well respected international human rights body, the Executive Leader of the Wagosha Movement, Mr Yarow, stated:


“I hope the ears of the UAE rulers are open to listen to this clear warning.We are aware about their illegal shipment of weapons to Kismayo aimed at using them to persecute and displace innocent civilians in the Jubba Valley. The UAE has been for long adding fuel to the civil war in Somalia, and now they struck a deal with the Kismayo administration to take our lands – for instance at Mareeray, Mugambo and in other areas. I call upon my people to resist against this aggression.” and he added:


“I call upon my people to resist and uprise against this aggression, and I am sure that they will achieve the ultimate victory, since God always helps those who are innocent. Genocide with the aim to completely displace and annihilate the Wagosha Bantu community was always a strategy held by all Somali governments that came into power, and it is now entering a new stage, whereby the Somali warlords are using undemocratic Arab states like the UAE to continue with their ill-advised agenda of persecution.”


The Central Committee of Wagosha Movement recently held its extra-ordinary meeting in the USA to discuss the threat with the aim to displace the Wagosha community from their lands posed by the UAE and Somali warlords.

The movement vowed that it will defend the rights of its people and will ensure that the UAE does not succeed in its bid to loot the resources of innocent Somali people in the Jubba Valley.


“Its clear that UAE has turned its ill-advised agenda of looting resources from Afrika to Jubba Valley. We are not ready to witness another bloodshed in the Jubba Valley. Our UAE brothers have to care about the lives of others and must not continue to care about their own greed. If they continue with this illegal program, then they will pay the price and have to take the responsibility. Among the things that the UAE wants to implement in Jubba Valley is to bring thousands of foreigners who will be engaged in forced labour, which is common practice carried out by some authoritarian regimes in the Arab world”, said Eng Yarow.


The Wagosha Movement of Somalia and its leadership is therefore asking the world’s international human rights organizations to look into this matter before it gets out of control and causes more bloodshed in the Jubba Valley.

According to international sources the Wagosha community, which comprises of 14% of Somali population was subjected to massacre, displacement, looting and other systematic forms of atrocities by Somali warlords, some of them still serving in various Somali administrations.


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