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HIC @ Habitat III

See "Habitat III Basics"
HIC Publications

Land Times

Networking and Coalition Building
CSO Cooperation with FAO
HIC Expectations of Habitat III (2016)
Building Capacity & Creating Knowledge
Sanctuary in the City: Beirut
Land and Transitional Justice in Yemen
Land Rights Struggles: Landpedia
Extraterritorial Obligations of the State
Eviction, Urban Transformation as Tools of War: Case of Diyarbakır, Turkey
Land-related Commitments in the Habitat Agenda
تعاون المجتمع المدنى مع الفاو
Global Human Rights Obligations of Local Government
National Habitat III Parallel-reporting Tool
States’ Domestic and Extraterritorial ESCR Obligations

Housing and Land Rights Violation Database
Mapping Eviction, Dispossession, Destruction and Privatization-related Cases

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