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Beit Iskariya Land

What is affected
Type of violation Dispossession/confiscation
Date 28 January 2019
Region MENA
Country Palestine
City Beit Iskariya, West Bank

Affected persons (number & composition)

Total 650
Men 0
Women 0
Children 0
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Brief narrative

Israel settlers steal Palestinian land south of Bethlehem



29 January 2019


Israeli Jewish settlers have stolen about 40 dunams (9.9 acres) of the Palestinian land south of the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem, Quds Press reported yesterday.


Reporting Palestinian sources, Quds Press said that the stolen land is part of the Palestinian village of Iskariya, which is located in the middle of the illegal Israeli Jewish settlement block of Gosh Etzion.


The sources said that the Jewish settlers cultivated part of the stolen land and planted trees. The settlers, who killed a Palestinian and wounded dozens early this week near Ramallah, prevented the Palestinians from approaching the land.


Head of the Village Council Mohammed Ibrahim said that the Palestinian villagers “were surprised” by the settlers’ actions.


According to Ibrahim, the land is owned by a Palestinian family from the village who have all the documents necessary to prove their ownership. They will be seeking legal action, he added.


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Israeli Colonialist Settlers Occupy Palestinian Lands Near Bethlehem


28 January 2019


A group of illegal Israeli colonialist settlers invaded, on Monday morning, privately-owned Palestinian lands in Beit Iskariya village, south of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, and started planting them with trees.


The head of Beit Iskariya Village Council, Mohammad Ibrahim, said the colonists invaded and occupied the Palestinian lands in the al-‘Awareed area, near the illegal Netivot colony, which was built on the villagers’ lands.


He added that the villagers chased the colonists out of their lands, before they ran away to their illegal colony.


Ibrahim stated that the lands are owned by members of Odah local family and added that the settlers invaded nearly 10 dunams out of 40 dunams they have been trying to illegally occupy.


He also said that the Palestinians have the official deeds for their lands and hired a lawyer to maintain the case.


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The Nakba of Beit Iskaria: The Struggle for Existence in the Face of Ethnic Cleansing


Israel plans settlement expansion that ‘would surround Bethlehem’

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