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An Urgent Action APPEAL consists in supporting the case of a human rights’ violation by sending protest letters to the duty holders and all relevant authorities, so as to put pressure on them and make them repair the damage they caused, and ultimately change their policies. 
You are a local organization and want to try another way to defend housing and land rights? You will find here a methodology to write an Urgent Action appeal by yourself.  

An OPEN LETTER is a letter of concern that we, as HIC-HLRN, send to authorities about a series of bad practices, future projects that will lead to housing and land rights violations, or whole policies that we want to condemn.

You are an organization or an individual, and want to put the word solidarity into action? You will find here all the cases—urgent appeals and open letters—that HIC-HLRN jointly issues with its members and partners, and that you can support by sending, you too, your protest letter today.

Your action can make a difference

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You want guidance when writing your first Urgent Action appeal? 
You need further information or explanation about how to implement the methodology? 
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