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What is affected
Housing Private
Type of violation Forced eviction
Date 29 October 2007
Region MENA
Country Turkey
City Süleymaniye, Istanbul

Affected persons (number & composition)

Total 0
Men 0
Women 0
Children 0
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Forced eviction
Housing losses
- Number of homes 1700
- Total value

Duty holder(s) /responsible party(ies)

Kiptaş (the public development company)
Brief narrative

Süleymaniye is a neighbourhood in the historical peninsula, close to the famous Süleymaniye Mosque. It contains many houses of architectural significance. The area designated for renewal is comprised on 1,700 houses and demolitions are ongoing.

Most of residents are renters and the owners are generally absentee. Kiptaş (the public development company undertaking renewal projects and acting in the Istanbul Metropolitan Region) has been buying houses in the area and has been evicting the tenants. There have been several fires recently that have destroyed many houses and left families homeless and there are also many small business in the area which are affected.

Tarlabaşi neighbourhood is also in an historic district

and part of Beyoğlu Municipality. It is directly adjacent

to the centre of the city, Taksim square, and contains

historic domestic architecture and other valuable

architecture. In total there are 3200 people to be

affected by the Project in 278 plots. The project has

been approved but no demolitions have taken place


Başıbüyük in Maltepe Municipality is a gecekondu

area on the Asian side of Istanbul which was first

built in the late 1960s. The neighbourhood is well

built with permanent two, three and four storey buildings,

paved roads, water and sewerage system, and

electricity. The planning process for an urban renewal

project began in 2006 and it was designated

as a renewal area in 2004. There are 6000 houses and

25,000 residents. Nine houses have already been destroyed

to make way for TOKI tenements and the rest

of the neighbourhood is under threat of demolitions.

Gülensu and Gülsuyu Neighborhourhood and TOKI buildings

Gülsuyu and Gülensu are two adjacent gecekondu

(informally-built) neighbourhoods in Maltepe Municipality.

The area was designated for urban renewal

in 2004 and there are 35,000 residents currently living


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