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Arjan (Behbehan)

What is affected
Type of violation Forced eviction
Date 27 May 2020
Region MENA
Country Iran
City Village of Arjan (Behbehan, in Persian), Ahwaz Province

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Brief narrative

The Iranian regime is waging their house demolition “weapon” to displace Arab citizens in Arjan


From the thirsty policy to demolishing homes, the Iranian regime has multiple methods of making life difficult for the defenceless people of Ahwaz to push them to leave and create a demographic and geographic reality in their favour.


Recently the Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights monitored the destruction of the homes of Arab citizens in Arjan (Behbehan) by the security forces of the Iranian regime on Tuesday (May 27).



The issue of Arab citizens in that region dates back to the Iraq-Iran war, as the war that destroyed their homes forced them to emigrate from their lands; However, they were not spared from the oil companies that confiscated their lands near the city of Bustan; They built their homes with their weak capabilities in the towns of Arjan, which were also destroyed by the security forces several years later.


The Ahwazi Organization for the defence of Human Rights affirms that the Iranian regime commits war crimes against the Ahwazi people by escalating the policies of house demolitions, as it deliberately and unlawfully punishes people who are not convicted of misconduct in violation of international humanitarian law.


It is also inconsistent with the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which affirms the right to life. This declaration is the most important international document in the field of human rights.


The organization again calls on the international community to take immediate action to stop the policy of house demolitions, and to prosecute the perpetrators and those who ordered them.


Likewise, to put pressure on the Iranian regime to desist from a policy of collective revenge, and to harm entire families; In a way that violates the principle of justice in accordance with the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

The Ahwazi Organization for the defence of Human Rights


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