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Settlers in al-Sawiya

What is affected
40 olive trees
Type of violation Demolition/destruction
Date 27 April 2020
Region MENA
Country Palestine
City Nablus District

Affected persons (number & composition)

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Men 0
Women 0
Children 0
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Brief narrative


A horde of Israeli settlers on Monday chopped off dozens of Palestinian-owned olive trees in al-Sawiya village in the West Bank district of Nablus.


Anti-settlement activist Ghassan Daghlas said that a group of settlers from Rahalim settlement, which was built illegally on Palestinian lands in Nablus, attacked a farmland owned by the Palestinian citizen Abed al-Rahman Yousef.


Daghlas said that about 40 olive trees were cut down in the attack.


While Palestinians stay at home in the occupied West Bank at the request of the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Israeli settlers raid their villages, attack their homes and farmlands and destroy their crops.


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